Frequently Asked Questions

The AIwallpapers app is a platform that showcases a stunning collection of wallpapers created by artificial intelligence. On our website, we feature a selection of up to 12 wallpapers from various collections. To unlock the full collection, you can download the app, available for both iOS and Android.

No, you do not need to register or create an account to explore the website or access the featured wallpapers. Simply visit our website, and you’ll be able to enjoy a glimpse of our AI-generated wallpapers. However, to access the entire collection and enjoy additional benefits, you can opt for our 3-day free trial or choose one of our subscription plans.

We offer flexible subscription options to cater to your preferences. After the 3-day free trial, you can choose between a weekly or monthly subscription plan. These plans grant you unlimited access to our vast library of AI-generated wallpapers during the subscription period.

Absolutely! We believe in providing a hassle-free experience for our users. If you decide to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time during your active subscription period. You will continue to enjoy access to the app’s content until the end of your current billing cycle, and the subscription will not renew automatically after that.

After the 3-day free trial concludes, you will be prompted to choose a subscription plan to continue enjoying the app’s full features and access to the complete collection of AI-generated wallpapers. If you decide not to subscribe, you can still access the limited selection of wallpapers on our website without a subscription. However, the full range of wallpapers will only be available to subscribed users.

During the free trial period, we provide users with a preview of our AI-generated wallpapers and the app’s capabilities. To support the availability of this trial at no cost to you, we have integrated small advertisements within the app. These brief advertisements help us maintain the quality of the service and allow you to continue enjoying the wallpapers for free during the trial phase.

We strive to strike a balance between showcasing the beauty of our AI-generated wallpapers and presenting advertisements. During the free trial, you may encounter short advertisements occasionally while browsing and downloading wallpapers. We keep the frequency of ads to a minimum to ensure they do not disrupt your overall experience with the app.

Yes, absolutely! While the advertisements are part of the free trial experience, we provide an option to skip them and proceed with downloading wallpapers directly. The choice to watch an advertisement or not is entirely up to you. You can enjoy the wallpapers without any interruptions by opting to skip the ads.

No, once you subscribe to our app after the free trial period, advertisements will no longer be shown. Subscribers gain uninterrupted access to the full collection of AI-generated wallpapers without any advertising interruptions. Your subscription ensures a seamless and ad-free experience throughout your active subscription period.

Watching the short advertisements during the free trial allows us to offer the app and its full features to users at no cost for a limited time. It helps support the development and maintenance of the app, ensuring we can continue to provide high-quality wallpapers and updates. By engaging with the ads, you contribute to keeping the app accessible to users who may not be ready to subscribe yet.

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